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ACTS Fusion Portal is state of the art community centered portal that engages users’ interaction with devices, contents and other users. Built primarily with learning environment in mind, it is loaded with specific modules that not only aid learning but content consumption and content creation.
We are in the information age, the age of mobility where tons of paperwork and voice calls can be easily eliminated through community centered intranet utilizing the 4 C’s of today’s information environment. The need not only to make use of content “on-the-go” but to be content creators and collaborators combined with the proliferation of affordable mobile devices in this age necessitates  the need for content provision and adaptability alongside innovative intelligent devices as the Samsung series of smart devices.

ACTS Fusion portal is the platform that connects smart mobile devices and users to content they need as at when they need within a social context through an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the management and publishing of large volumes of content including HTML documents, and rich media. Acts Fusion Portal is designed for use in organizations and institutions of all sizes for Public Web sites, Intranets, and Extranets.

ACTS is essentially two things: the platform to create and consume content and content itself presented in a familiar accessible web interface well suited for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.
The Following list key features of ACTS Fusion and several contents ACTS Fusion can be loaded with.

e-Learning System
This is a fully featured e-learning management system to provide an “e” platform towards teaching and learning. This provides and greatly improves the delivery of courseware used in an institution. The e-learning provided by the portal ensures that students/learners are able to easily familiarize with the details of most lectures in an easy manner and lecturers can also easily and centrally communicate with their students. 
Forums are great learning/discussion platform. It provides an avenue for those that want to familiarize with a particular topic could or require an answer to a bogging question to easily meet those with the know-how. Forums are also a great meeting place for people with different ideas to harmonize their thoughts and understanding.
A 21st century web initiative that allows people to have their journal for public access. This is probably the greatest tool for mentoring and role-playing in this century. Management and staff could easily convey their lifestyle and ethics by posting such on the blog for others and particularly students to learn from. Issues that greatly concerns personal enhancement, spiritual development or career advancement can be easily related on blogs.
E-Mail still remains the de-facto standard for network communication and it ensures that you can easily send a message to anyone within the network eliminating paper contacts, dispatchers or snail mail.
Finding a piece of any article can be much easier with a wiki. Technical articles, Historical information can be contributed by several individuals and updated at anytime to provide a local compendium/encyclopedia of knowledge for the entire community.

Download Post/Document Repository
Advancing from ftp/file servers the download post provides an organized, accessible repository of files for public access. An example is antivirus updates, software programs etc. This ensures that contents that are already available are not re-downloaded by some other persons needing it. This is also a great way to save internet bandwidth as resources are been polled to a central point for access to those that need them.
Video Conferencing
This presents a virtual meeting space for community users as you could be involved in a live interaction with anyone, as long as you have a camera equipped system.
The 21st century is about getting people connected. VOIP/VoWLAN would ensure that you are not tied to your desk to receive an intercom or make one as the technology ensures that you can be reached on your wireless phone or a compatible GSM phone anytime anywhere. VOIP also saves a lot cost in enterprise communication as it can run on existing Ethernet network infrastructure.
Instant Messaging
Bring your work alive; communicate instantly.  Instant Messaging or simply IM is ideal for campus environments as this helps to create a large workspace as you can reach out to anyone instantly and not wait till you can schedule a meeting or afterwards.
The portal also features an e-commerce plug-in that allows for online shopping. This would enhance general business activities in the environment and also allow for better business reach.
Social Networking
A web 2.0 driven initiative, Social networking enables collaboration with teams and groups.
News Portal
This module helps keep up-to-date with recent happenings within the community and beyond.
Application Hosting
This module provides a basic hosting space for Linux or Windows-based applications that require rapid deployment.

ACTS is not however limited to this offerings and it is under constant development.


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