Business Continuity

Keep Your Business Running Non-Stop! Achieve Better Data Protection, High Availability and Disaster Recovery!!

Can your business afford any disruption of IT services? Thousands of data centers experience significant services interruptions every year, at the cost of lost business revenue and lost data—or worse.

And while disasters and unplanned downtime get the big headlines, planned downtime for hardware maintenance and backups is the cause of the majority of service downtime.

Business continuity has become a vital ingredient of IT strategies in a world where businesses need to operate 24 hours a day. The disruption of IT services can be fatal to a business. Business Continuity Solutions from CLEON give you the means to eliminate planned or unplanned downtime, deliver high availability, and be better prepared for disaster recovery all backed by our expertise. Get Business Continuity Support from CLEON for your data center and IT department and make it easier to build solutions for the following:

    •     Data protection, including non-disruptive backup and restore processes
    •     High availability through reduced planned and unplanned downtime
    •     Disaster recovery with hardware independent recovery

CLEON is a registered veeam backup and recovery solution provider

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