Enterprise Content Management

Electronic is fast! Electronic can be repeated almost without cost!! Electronic can be more easily distributed!!!

The notion of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is hardly a new concept for most organizations. As the digital age has facilitated communications, it has brought with it a greater wealth of “content” than ever, in a multitude of formats such as images, text documents, Web pages, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, drawings, e-mail, video, and multimedia.

This explosion of structured and unstructured content can be complex and difficult to manage, and the problem is growing rapidly. A recent study conducted indicates that much more content will be created in the next two years than in the entire previous history of humankind, and over 93 percent of it will be in electronic form. Moreover, these electronic documents must be integrated with an already complex assortment of paper-based information.

First, there is the obvious need to exert control over an abundant volume of records and documents, with the resulting benefit of reducing task duplication and minimizing time spent wasted looking for old documents (or worse, re-creating documents from scratch). Then, there is the need to automate business processes in order to facilitate content handling and replace existing manual paper processing, which ultimately results in streamlining workloads and creating greater throughput. And finally, organizations are looking to ECM solutions to help with the process of authoring and publishing this information to the intranet, extranet, and Internet without burdening the IT department.

To this end we present ECM to help organizations structure their content, both from a records-keeping and a document-management standpoint to a high degree of success and satisfaction.  Beyond the technology CLEON also provides strategic information for the successful  implementation in terms of user acceptance and adoption inline with approved policies and structures.

Enterprise Content Management  is the underlying platform for managing enterprise ever increasing digital content to provide ease of access through organized structures that facilitates and improves employee/learners productivity and organizations must of necessity adopt an ECM solution & strategy before their information assets become hydra headed nightmare.

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