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As new technologies are adapted by consumers they become not only a part of our day to day lives, but are interwoven into the fabric of the society.  New technology drives our culture, our economy, our education and our businesses.

The widespread use of the personal computer changed the way businesses and organizations store and manage data.  When computers became a standard accessory in many homes and businesses we were introduced to the world wide web allowing individuals to connect with data and information from anywhere in the world.  The most successful businesses and organizations quickly found that they could take advantage of this new technology to make information from a remote location available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Today the new direction in technology innovation is mobile gadgets. Now from the comfort of your palm you can comfortably access information, process and interact on the go virtually from anywhere because mobile devices have put the power of a Personal Computer in consumers’ pockets. The new direction of mobile devices has opened new ways of interacting with people and an organization user base in general through mobile apps.

Mobile Apps can serve the same functionality as a web page; they can display text content, data, images and video,  access mobile-specific features such as click-to-call (to dial a phone number) or location-based mapping and so much more!  Mobile Apps work with the base operating system and therefore provide much needed functionality.  By working with the GPS, camera and other native phone features Apps do things web pages could never dream of.  And since native Apps are programmed to work with the mobile device’s operating system, Apps also run faster and better than traditional websites and therefore customers prefer mobile Apps.

The simple conversion from a question to a statement indicates that consumers have changed their expectations from a request to a demand.  Your customers, members, employees, volunteers, and fans want you to have an app.  They need to be able to access the information they want through their mobile device.  Convenience to them now means mobile accessibility and you will be expected to have it.  Businesses and organizations that fail to adapt early will soon find themselves struggling to catch up.

Apps have one clear advantage. In general, apps can provide far better integrated user experience than even the best mobile websites are capable of right now.

You and your organization need to be at the forefront of this current technology innovation to remain relevant in this ever competitive digital age. The Mobile tsunami is no longer news as we have seen notable impact on large corporations such Microsoft, Research In Motion (RIM now BlackBerry) who delayed in implementing necessary strategies to address mobility in their organizations’ strategies. The possibilities of mobility are almost endless

Although mobile is relatively new the impact and possibilities are undeniable, organizations need to find quickly adopt solutions that brings to the wider audience while you have on mobile.

CLEON TECHNOLOGIES Limited an indigenous IT firm is uniquely positioned to provide quick and long term strategic solutions that puts you on the same pedestal as forward thinking organizations who have adopted the mobile app initiative and are reaping benefits.

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