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As organization media assets begins to grow there is need to provision a central accessible storage for preservation and archival.

As organization media assets begins to grow there is need to provision a central accessible storage for preservation and archival. The digital age ushered in by the 21st century technology initiatives has seen major increase in the amount of digital content created and consumed.  It is no longer news to have video cam supporting Full HD or higher resolutions and details thus creating very large files that needs to be processed and stored. The notions of using external drives soon lose their relevance in a short while aside risk of data loss or compromise. The challenges arising from managing large amounts of data can become cumbersome and overwhelming overtime leading to loss in productivity and efficiency. CLEON TECHNOLOGIES designs and installs Central Storage solution that address these challenges. Our solution is based on proven media management system refactored from the ground up to meet the needs of different organizations. From software to hardware our solution deliver best-in-class results for online editing, streaming and archival of digital media assets in all their varied formats and aspect ratio. The solution is not only scalable but also efficient allowing you to expand as you grow. So you can start from small terabytes and expand to petabytes if you wish. The modularity of the solution makes for easy management and can be administered by internal staff. The security content and adaptability of the solution is also worthy of note. The security initiative ensures that only permitted people have access to specific items or folders.

Regardless of the size of your organization, you are likely to face daunting storage challenges—in many cases, challenges substantially different from those that existed 20 years ago, when many of the legacy storage architectures still in use today were originally designed. You not only require immediate access to an ever-growing quantity of data, but you also need to support new demands placed on storage by emerging developments like virtualization, IT-as-a-Service, Big Data, and cloud computing. When paired with shrinking IT budgets, this all comes down to the need to do more with less—to meet evolving demands while cutting costs, and without sacrificing service levels.

Faced with this set of circumstances, it is critical to invest in modern storage infrastructure built to handle unpredictable workloads, enable the most efficient consumption and distribution of resources, scale to meet growing demands, and provide the flexibility to accelerate deployment of new applications. In short, you need simple, agile storage that can support your business both now and in the future.

At the same time, we understand that you are looking to make step-function improvements as you deploy new virtual, cloud, and Big Data applications. Our Converged Storage solution addresses next-generation data center needs with modern architectures that leverage standard, x86-based hardware platforms, federated scale-out software, and converged management. Designed for the next era of IT, the Converged Storage products remove boundaries between servers, storage, and networking so that you can get the most out of your storage investment today and moving forward.


  • Increased Storage Efficiency
  • Automated disaster recovery (DR) configuration protects your data with one step
  • Mixed workload support increases consolidation opportunities
  • Persistent technologies deliver high availability and Tier 1 resiliency
  • Snapshots for online recovery
  • Storage federation for data mobility, including load balancing and painless data migration
  • Data-At-Rest (DAR) Encryption meets security and compliance requirements
  • Industry-leading thin provisioning cut capacity requirements in half
  • Automated sub-volume tiering enhances service levels and reduces costs
  • Flexible priority policy to increase service levels
  • Storage Federation
  • data optimization, replication, security, reporting, and application integration Rapid Provisioning get you up and running in minutes
  • Reconfigurable in just seconds without disruption
  • Shared management console across model range
  • simplified administration
  • Self-diagnostic and “phone home” capabilities automate support
  • Double VM density, guaranteed Secure multi-tenancy

You can store all of your data on a single system that supports advanced features including storage federation and automated tiering, and that enables you to start small and grow without disruption making storage effortless.

Mixed workload demands with improved service levels and virtually unlimited scalability options. You’ll spend less time managing your storage and be able to meet new demands with increased responsiveness. The architecture meets your current blocks and file storage needs with enhanced efficiency using traditional spinning media, SSD-based media, or a combination of both.

It’s storage that offers the performance and flexibility you need to accelerate new application deployment and support server virtualization, the cloud, new service delivery models, data growth, or whatever else your future may hold—effortlessly.


  • Self-Configuring
  • Dynamic Volume/File Provisioning
  • Self-Optimizing and Tuning
  • Sub-LUN Optimization
  • Secure Multi-tenancy
  • Scale-out Infrastructure
  • Scalable Multi-tenancy
  • High Availability and Planned Resilience
  • Optimized Asset Utilization
  • Virtualized and Federated Resource Pooling
  • Continuous availability
  • Effective, affordable disaster recovery
  • Distributed Disk Sparing

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