Internet Optimization

Few networks have sufficient Internet bandwidth to always be able to meet peak demand, which results in Poor internet experience, such as Sluggish web browsing, slow downloads and general unreliable Internet performance, leading to user frustration and reduced productivity.

Organizations hesitate to invest in costly broadband bandwidth which are usually monthly recurring. To meet the critical needs of organizations and institutions wishing to maximize their broadband investment, CLEON deploys internet optimization technologies  which enhance performance and speed of all broadband connections.

Some of the technologies include:

Bandwidth management
With bandwidth management in place, administrators can apportion a certain amount of bandwidth to either applications or locations. This ensures that the right people within an organization always get maximum connectivity to enable them complete their tasks and be more productive. This can also be of immense benefit to an organizations highly prioritized software (e.g VOIP, ERP, CRM) and save from bandwidth contention.

Content Filtering
Content Filtering ensures that your bandwidth is only used for legitimate tasks. Inappropriate content, content not related to office productivity etc can be exclusively filtered. This is in turn saves time and ensures employees concentrate on their office project rather things unrelated which could be saved for after work-hours or breaks.

Web Catching
Catching is perhaps one of the fastest way to dramatically improve user experience as it capable of delivering content to the user at a faster pace without traversing the enterprise edge. Catching is a computing term/technology that basically describes the ‘serving” of content from a local reservoir rather that going to the source. Catching could be imagined from the idea of the water pumping machine that pumps to the reservoir for later use rather that the pumping machine having to pump  water  each time someone in the house turn on the tap. Implementing a cache serve would definitely improves web performance a great deal.

Be aware of who does what, what was done and for how long. CLEON’s reporting solutions delivers comprehensive information about every users activity over the network. Details of sites visited, content requested, Bandwidth utilized, files downloaded can be provided at the click of a mouse.

Ensuring that only authorized users are granted access to the internet resource would eliminate undue utilization of the corporate resource and reduce unnecessary web traffic.

All of these technologies enhances user experience on the web and improves enterprise productivity across boards and they are all part of CLEON’s internet optimization solution.

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