Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning is an adaptation of e-learning technology for corporate organizations to enable them deliver instructional materials to their ever increasing workforce. 

The idea brings on-demand learning to employees, customers and partners just the training they need in the context of their jobs. Rather than leave the work environment to learn a new process, procedure or technique, people can retrieve useful information in the context of their work.

Today’s enterprise is  increasingly becoming dispersed and training the global workforce poses a critical problem to organizations. E-learning facilitates the adoption  and speed at which training in the workplace takes place. Salespeople want tips and product information immediately; consultants want relevant case studies and methodologies; financial professionals want to be able to find regulations, procedures and systems support as needed; and the list goes on. The platform allows the delivery of individualized, comprehensive, dynamic learning content in real time, aiding the development of communities of knowledge, linking learners and practitioners with experts. 

E-learning can also save considerable cost for enterprise as learners would not be required to constantly be in ground. It also ensures that the training is quite effective and could be revisited and reviewed at a later time.

Enterprise Learning is fast becoming a force that gives people and organizations the competitive edge to allow them to keep ahead of the rapidly changing global economy and CLEON believes that learning on-demand sets the stage for a new role for corporate learning and development (L&D) organizations that allows a more rapid and flexible approach to enhancing corporate performance in the digital century that is upon us.

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