Network Optimization

As the power of workstations and business applications increases, heavy demands are made on the available network between that if unchecked can lead to performance problems.

There is an increase in the number of network devices and high bandwidth applications such as Video, Audio and VoIP are on the rise requiring that network infrastructures be optimized to cater for the growing trends and adjust to the highly competitive business environment.

To address the business demands of the 21st century network requires an intelligent, integrated network with staunch resiliency and leading-edge technology support. Implementing an optimized infrastructure allows your network to be segmented and traffic can be contained effectively within defined subnets and VLANs reducing the overall load without affecting access to critical business resources.
With each level of optimization, the IT infrastructure also brings about significant cost reduction, increased security and improve availability and manageability.

Business demands will not get simpler, and competition will not decrease. The best way to establish and maintain a competitive edge is with a bold initiative to upgrade your network design so you’ll be ready for the next decade and its challenges.

By upgrading your business can acquire an industry-leading network platform with attendant performance improvement that adapts to current and future business needs and provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced protection of information and assets
  • Unconstrained, secure collaboration between employees, vendors, and customers
  • Secure, easy access to applications, information, and resources within the organization, regardless of location
  • Faster, easier deployment of applications and services, including voice and video, across the organization
  • Improved ability to support network expansion due to growth, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • A flexible, integrated network that is -Improved ability to comply with government and industry regulations
  • Lowered operating expenses through an integrated network that reduces complexity and training requirements, streamlines maintenance, and is scalable
  • Enhanced corporate environmental stewardship through the reduction of power consumption, reduction of travel

Whether improving a legacy system, introducing new hardware into an established setup, or integrating next generation solutions, CLEON has the experience and expertise to precisely optimize your networking needs. We are able to identify areas for improvement, enhance existing intelligence and streamline overall performance to provide your organization with a consistently reliable, next generation-ready Information Infrastructure.

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