How we Do it

CLEON’s Total solutions are driven by one and only one objective – the best interests of our clients are our only interests. We take your challenges to heart and we make them our challenges. We are truly advocates for our clients; delivering complete impartiality, independence, and dedication in serving our clients’ needs.

We believe our approach to client relationships is different and refreshing. We constantly seek new and creative ways to deliver our services and solutions, developing solutions and services that help you reduce costs, manage risks and open up new opportunities to make your business more productive.
We deploy world recognized industry standard solutions. Our team works in coalition and reviews all ideas given by our experts. We believe that no one solution fits all. That is our strength and we offer great value to our clients because everything we do revolves around customer delight.

Our work with clients is shaped by a few core principles:

  • We believe in partnerships; we value the input of clients and vendors in the development of our solutions and products by involving the very people for whom the solutions will be delivered. We think team solutions are the best solutions.
  • We take the time to understand who our clients are and the dynamics of what they want to achieve. We analyze this information to design a fully customized solution and strategy to each specific need in line with current accepted industry standards    
  • We are professional, we conduct rigorous due diligence to identify superior solutions. We are thorough, we act with integrity and we treat all clients with respect and courtesy
  • We recruit and deploy the best performers in our business to develop and deliver solutions for our clients
  • We ensure our solution is aligned to your strategic plans and objectives in-line with your budgetary and financial planning objectives
  • Our work harnesses the power of markets and economic incentives to deliver better value to clients.
  • We have an open and transparent consultation process throughout the development of our solutions and services.
  • We deliver full accountability, transparency and meaningful reports at the end of each project
  • We Monitor and evaluate the implementation to learn from the process and recommend further changes and improvements where appropriate.
  • We make sure that our guidance is regularly reviewed to remain up-to-date and to take into account any new evidence that may influence our solutions.

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