Wireless Hotspots

Going wireless shouldn’t be a big deal! CLEON removes the complexity from realizing a wireless enterprise.

Today, organizations worldwide are enhancing the mobility and productivity of their professional staffs with wireless networking throughout their corporate facilities. Our wireless offering provide unparalleled flexibility for fast-changing organizations – enabling them to easily redeploy or expand their workforce and facilities without the substantial delays and expense of installing cable or leasing lines. Wireless provides unlimited mobility and increased productivity for anyone on the go and provides effortless wireless connectivity to laptop, desktop and handheld users within office buildings, schools, university campuses and public hot spots.
CLEON has got the expertise along with the right hardware and right strategic partnerships to build a wireless infrastructure all built around your company’s specific requirements.

CLEON technologies offers a wide range of Wireless communications solutions viz;

  • Campus Wireless
  • Last Mile Access
  • Mobile Enterprise
  • Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Public Hotspot

Public Hotspot
Quick deployment at a competitive fixed cost. Your employees ,Students, partners and clients will be working wirelessly in no time, accessing e-mail, critical information, back-end applications, and collaborative suites as if they were at their desks making your business to be more productive at reduced time and saving time for much more. Venue owners can also increase their revenue by deploying an hotspot for more sales and customer retention.
Advantages of a public Hotspot includes:

  • Extends your wired LAN for instant network access anywhere
  • Significantly reduces costs of moves, adds and changes
  • Converged voice and data network with support for voice over wireless LAN or between facilities
  • Campus networking solutions eliminate leased line and install in hours

Last Mile Access
Organizations and institutions with a disperse buildings within a geographical area can link their branch offices using/campuses using wireless technology and save cost of dedicated circuits.

Metropolitan Area Network/Wireless Back-haul
To add capacity to any network, our high-capacity wireless innovation provide the industry’s most reliable, secure and easily-deployed and scalable alternative solution to fiber or leased lines for interconnecting corporate and telecommunications networks, and can be installed in a fraction of the time.

Mobile Enterprise
Our wireless LANs provide instant, effortless connections for desktops, laptops and handheld devices wherever working professionals/students need access to online information/e-courseware and applications – throughout corporate offices , production facilities, medical centers, universities and civic centers.
Our high–end enterprise wireless solution provide transparent, carrier-class connectivity with performance options ranging- easily integrating VPN, real-time video, Voice-over-IP, and IP PBX connections over a single wireless network. The
mobile enterprise offers significant advantages which include:

  • Significantly cut operation expenditures by eliminating expensive cabling costs
  • Add network capacity within hours
  • Easily scales to growing traffic demands
  • Provides carrier-class reliability – 99.999% up-time
  • Overcome challenging environmental barriers to connectivity

So don’t get bogged down in the confusion and uncertainty around wireless call CLEON today.

Want to get in on the action? do not hesitate to get in touch!

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