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Enterprise Security

Information is the crown jewels of business and the fundamental principle is that valuable information and assets are worth protecting. Implementing technologies that reduces or eliminate vulnerabilities in systems and business processes are are well taken benchmark in business.

Organizations hesitate to invest in costly broadband bandwidth which are usually monthly recurring. To meet the critical needs of organizations and institutions wishing to maximize their broadband investment, CLEON deploys internet optimization technologies  which enhance performance and speed of all broadband connections.

Enterprise security¬† deals with the enforcement of ‘secure’ behavior on the operation of computers and users.

We are in a time that not only network traffic patterns changing, but so is the profile of network users. Open networks and global access place new security demands on the network. Employees, contractors,vendors, and guests all need access to corporate networks. Devices such as laptops, phones,personal digital assistants (PDAs), wireless access points, and printers also need controlled access. To safely accommodate all these users, networks must provide secure access control,
by designing and  implementing security policies that addresses confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic information that is processed by or stored on computer systems to mitigate cases of dissemination, corruption.
To address these and other security requirements, CLEON is making proactive security and application intelligence an integrated part of the network. This integration means implementing pervasive intelligent technologies into network design we are to implement. This is done by creating a trusted security kernel that exploits special-purpose hardware and software to constrain the operating system and the application programs to conform to the security policy. These systems can isolate processes and data to specific subnets and restrict access and privileges of users and devices.

CLEON achieves a secure enterprise by building on its modular and hierarchical design for implementing enterprise ICT infrastructure. Right from the user, to the computer being used, to the network (whether wireless/wired) used to access the enterprise edge, CLEON employs highly secure mechanism which are industry certified structures to a realizing a truly secured enterprise and may include.

  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Security Domains and Control
  • Security policy.
  • Communication and operations management.
  • Access control [802.1x, Radius, Smart cards e.t.c].
  • System development and maintenance.
  • Business continuity initiatives.
  • Industry Compliance

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