Structured Cabling

In today’s world, it is increasingly crucial that your organization can move, manage and share massive amounts of information quickly, efficiently and with the growing importance of voice and video communication, it is becoming increasingly vital that the network is kept running at peak potentials; to enable network users and applications to function at their maximum efficiencies.

At the heart of any viable network is its infrastructure, more specifically the “cabling infrastructure”, i.e; the communication link between network devices which is often the overlooked critical aspect of the network. The cabling infrastructure is the glue that holds the network together. A wrong cable infrastructure would result in poor performance and dull user experience as it will not be able to support traffic demands (load). The proper design, installation, management and long-term availability of this infrastructure is fundamental to the overall performance of the network in place.

For enterprise and institutions wishing to build a structured network to connect their offices and building complex(es) with high speed link can utilize structured cabling infrastructure for the high bandwidth it provides, reliability and general performance.

CLEON technologies designs, installs and manages small, medium and enterprise structured cabling from Copper to Fiber Optics cables specially built to industry standards and well suited for an enterprise.

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