Digital Classroom

CLEON has undergone careful evaluation of several initiatives and ongoing technological innovations as regards e-learning to identify the practices and policies that will enhance learning for students.

The goal is to give all students access to a wide range of telecommunications and multimedia technologies and to enable them to use technology to acquire critical-thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills, as well as deepen their understanding of content and develop their creativity.

The Digital Classroom idea from CLEON is geared towards incorporating technologies and information infrastructure that create schools in which successful teaching and learning can flourish using electronic means.

The Digital classroom combines technologies for electronic teaching, electronic learning and content management system to deliver the 21st century learning/teaching environment. The Digital classroom helps to create and foster innovative use of technology in the society for in-depth learning.

It is worthy of note that the digital classroom is not only suited for academic institutions alone but also for corporate bodies. It is useful for boardroom meetings, workforce training and certificate awarding companies.
The innovative use of the digital classroom can be seen in action in the enterprise where recruiting of staff is done and the same process is repeated each time the exercise is carried out. This can be simplified and made more presentable if this has been recorded and updated, can be played for the new intakes at anytime.

Whatever your digital learning requirements might be you can count on CLEON to deliver engaging learning experience for your workforce and students via the digital classroom initiative.

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