It is obviously no news that the world of Information Technology [IT] is experiencing rapid changes and great new innovations. The explosion of various solutions and resounding technological advancement calls for professionals who will be able to develop, design, setup, implement and manage these solutions.

CLEON TECHNOLOGIES sees to the building and development of dedicated smart-working professionals through the CLEON PARTNA initiative. CLEON TECHNOLOGIES develops and brings together professionals in various IT fields such as computer systems technology, Networking, Internet and security to form a team that will be able to seamlessly design and integrate solutions that will improve industry standards and also cater for the failing trends and the challenges of the various IT sections.

The Initiative helps the PARTNA to be able to put their careers online as they investigate and employ new systems that come upstream rapidly in order to have a sharper focus and be able to deliver class-solutions for enterprises.

Benefits Of A Partna


  • You belong to a team
  • Expands your Horizon
  • Openness to more business opportunities
  • Benefits of a large network
  • Reach to people that matter
  • Increase in technical Know-how
  • Access to professional, advanced tutorials &resource materials
  • Exposure to various technologies
  • Free Certification Training and a host of others.

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